Helpful Resources for Theatre Parents, Drama Teachers and Artistic Directors

If you are a theatre parent or teacher and always find yourself searching for ways to support the budding thespians in your life, you’ve come to the right place! I want this page to be a place where you can come to find ideas, tips and resources alike. For now, it will include information parents. teachers/directors, as well as artistic directors. However, in time, I will likely need to separate them and have a different page for each.

If you have any tips, suggestions, etc., that you’d like to share with other families, please let me know! Just contact me through this site using the contact form.


Broadway Breakthru

College Guide for Theatre Students

Educational Theatre Association (A good resource for teachers and administrators, too)

Recommended Off-Broadway Shows for Kids


FOR TEACHERS (and/or Directors)

American Alliance for Theatre & Education

Music Theatre International

Musical Theatre Teacher Resources

Theatre for Young Audiences/USA



American Association of Community Theatre

Fundraising Ideas for Youth Theatre Groups


Theatre Communications Group


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